Poverty and Chips

Lewes District Area

A climb up the steep Firle bostal into the heart of the downs with fish and chips on Seaford beach to reward your efforts.


You can take bikes on trains except during peak hours. Normally only a few are allowed on any one train. There is some parking at Glynde at the station and in the recreation ground car park.. This ride can be linked to The sound of pedalling if cycling from Lewes.

At Seaford the ride joins National Cycle Network route 2 which you can take to Newhaven

Route Notes

Leaving Glynde the ride is on a narrow country lane and then a marked cycle route beside the A27 which you must cross to carry on the ride up the tarmaced hill to Firle Beacon. This is a tough climb and plenty of cars use the road to get to the top of the South Downs so ride carefully here.

From Blackcap Farm the ride into Poverty Bottom is a long grassy slope that is one of the loveliest downhills in the area , just watch out for sheep and rabbit holes!. From here to Norton and Bishipstone the ride is on a track that turns back to a tarmacked surface back into Seaford.

There is a marked cycle route beside the A259 and along the seafront which can get busy on sunny days.

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About the Ride

Glynde lies on Glynde Reach, a tributary of the River Ouse, and at the foot of Mount Caburn. Mount Caburn is host to an early age Iron Fort and also home to ‘Gil the Giant who legend said would roam the hill hurling his hammer from the summit.

Cycling through Glynde you will notice many of the doors in this pretty flint village are painted the same dark blue colour. Glynde Village is a tied village with many of the residents paying rent to The Trevor family of Glynde Place. Glynde is also where Southdown sheep were first bred in the 18th century by John Ellman, a local farmer , and this variety of sheep is now found throughout the world . Glynde Place is also home to Love Supreme – the best funk, soul, jazz and blues festival in England and second best festival in Sussex.

Cycling from Glynde you cross the A27 past Firle Place and village before climbing the escarpment on Firle bostal to Firle Beacon, once a ‘lighting beacon’ and used as part of the warning system at the time of the Spanish Armada.

You’ve done most of the hard work now as you head past Black Cap Farm and down into Poverty bottom, one of the loveliest downhill rides in this part of the downs, just watch out for sheep and rabbit holes! From here the ride takes in Norton pumping station, Norton and Bishopstone hamlets before you arrive at the long stony beach at Seaford.

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